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Jan Esbra's
Temporary Objects 

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Artwork by Catey Esler 

New York City-based guitarist and composer, Jan Esbra's, debut album, Temporary Objects, will be available on all digital platforms on August 27th, 2021Temporary Objects features 10 improvisations and spontaneous compositions by Jan Esbra

About Temporary objects

Temporary Objects is a collection of 10 improvisations and spontaneous compositions by Jan Esbra. Jan draws inspiration from a variety of artists including Steve ReichPauline OliverosBlank and Lightbath. Using guitars, samplers and various effects pedals Jan is able to create vast, textural landscapes that are imbued with a warm, emotional quality. Throughout these pieces he explores ideas of impermanence, playfulness and spontaneity by tapping into his background in improvised music and composition.


The song titles spell out a simple poem that encompasses the core idea of the music as well as a reminder to live in the moment and experience changes as they continually come and go. 

About Jan Esbra

Jan Esbra is a New York City-based Colombian guitarist and composer known for his “mesmerizing soundscapes and innovative ideas”. His debut solo album entitled “Temporary Objects'' will be released on August 27, 2021 and is a collection of improvisations using guitars, samplers and various effects pedals. 

Jan combines elements from minimalism, ambient and improvised music to create evolving, textural soundscapes.


Aside from his solo work, Jan has released music with his bands Jade Collective and Bird Lite and has worked with Becca Stevens, Ben Wendel, Catey Esler and Eva Gertz.

Jan has a Bachelor's degree in Jazz Composition and Music Business from Berklee College of Music and participated in the 2020 New Amsterdam Composers Workshop.

Photo by Gaya Feldheim

Track list:

1. A Moment of Clarity

2. Eternally Recurring

3. An Open Space

4. With Vague Outlines

5. Always in Motion

6. Yet Constant (12.8.20)

7. A vast Cloud

8. From a Distance 

9. Fading 

10. Rearranging 

Guitars, sampler, pedalboard, production, engineering: Jan Esbra

Mixing and Mastering: Walter Jeworski

Eternally Recurring music video by takuma Matsui


"Temporary Objects is one of my most listened to releases of 2021. The textures and swells swirling around in Jan Esbra’s beautiful otherworldly creations calm me, inspire me, and elevate the otherwise mundane moments of my day to day. Calling these tracks “songs” sells them short. They are layered explorations, rich with color, ingenuity, and an inexplicable sense of wonder."
Becca Stevens (Grammy-Nominated Artist)

"Temporary Objects is as seductive as they come - glitching slivers of blip, banjaxed grooves, telecaster siren songs from the abyss.  I think it sounds best in the bathtub with a cold towel over your face, but you do it your way."
Elliot Cole (Composer and Educator)

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