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Jan Esbra is a New York City-based Colombian guitarist and composer known for his “mesmerizing soundscapes and innovative ideas”. His debut solo album entitled “Temporary Objects'' was released on August 27, 2021 and is a collection of improvisations using guitars, samplers and various effects pedals. 

His sophomore release "Confluence" is a collaborative project with St. Louis based musician, producer and visual artist Greg Dallas and will be released on November 17 2022 via The Slow Music Movement. 

Jan combines elements from minimalism, ambient and improvised music to create evolving sound sculptures.


Aside from his solo work, Jan has released music with his bands Jade Collective and Bird Lite and has worked with Becca Stevens, Ben Wendel, Catey Esler and Eva Gertz.

Jan has a Bachelor's degree in Jazz Composition and Music Business from Berklee College of Music and participated in the 2020 New Amsterdam Composers Workshop.

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