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Jan Esbra is a Colombian guitarist, composer, and improviser known for “[capturing] emotional warmth within layered textures” (ADSR Collective) while “blurring the lines between a wide range of musical influences” (All About Jazz).

Esbra’s musical world is centered around a playful orientation to improvisational practices; which he combines with elements from ambient, post-rock, shoegaze, and math-rock to create evocative and emotional pieces of music.

Currently based in Brooklyn, Esbra has performed with a variety of artists including Becca Stevens, Don Pardo, Ferro Dormer, Noah Rott, André Sacalxot, and Mike Talento. He has released two electronic albums, the latter in collaboration with Greg Dallas; and will release his third record Suspended in a Breath via Phantom Limb in August 2024. 

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